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monday june 19 @ 7:00pm

sandra faire & ivan fecan theatre at york u

83 york boulevard, north york

Adventures of Marg New Wheels.png
Storyboard Animatic.png
Operation Crackdown.png
No Time to Waste.png

the adventures of marg: new wheels


operation crackdown

no time to waste

aurora high school

st. joan of arc
catholic high school

tommy douglas
secondary school

father bressani
catholic high school 


Marg discovers a misplaced letter asking for help. A new adventure begins as she

rushes to get to her destination in time.



A woman who has become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details, to try and

forget her past; must learn to move forward and appreciate life again.



A high school teacher is determined to get his skipping-students back to class by any

means necessary.


As time flies, and adulthood looms around the corner, Adriano, understands that

every moment counts. Reflecting on the good, the bad and even the ugly.



john cabot catholic secondary school

Give Back.png

give back

st. elizabeth
catholic high school

The Test.png

the test

richmond hill high school



st. elizabeth
catholic high school


A young man alone in a world seemingly destroyed by extraterrestrial beings.


A young woman who has just got lucky, is eager to embark on a new journey; but first

helps out a friend who is in need.

psychological thriller

A brilliant student rushes to take a crucial exam, but when she finally stumbles in, a

far more perplexing challenge presents itself - how does she pass?


After a face-off with a hungry dog, a shadowy figure travels through an abstract space where he must face both darkness and light.

Trip Switch.png

trip switch

Mess with the Croc, You get the Glock.png

you mess with
the croc, you get
the glock

New Youth of Digital Natives.png

the new youth of digital natives

We Can Too.png

we can too

maxwell heights
secondary school

alexander mackenzie
high school

alexander mackenzie
high school

bill crothers
secondary school


A film representing what one feels during a panic attack, as expressed through a video game. The cause is unknown in the moment, and it feels like a sensory overload. A fuse with too much current.

You Are Not Just Your Work.png

you are not just
your work


In the town of North River, a string of grisly murders within the walls of Crevice Creek High School, marks the start of a fatal countdown. As pieces of this murder mystery fall into place, highschooler, Celeia Murphy, has only one choice: fight against the clock or get glocked by the croc.

To See Her Again.png

to see her again

queens collegiate

our lady queen of the world catholic academy


The daily tedious routine of a teenager as she navigates through school and life. While the everyday routine can be very exhausting, this film reminds us how important it is to get some rest.


Blaming himself for the death of his wife, Ronald begins to struggle with his life and wishes to reunite with her again. A year after her death, he is befriended by a woman who promises to fulfil his wish. When a routine meal with the woman takes a turn, Ronald is taken away by the woman - to a new beginning, to see his wife again.


An investigation of prominent issues within the new generation of modern teenagers. From instagram to the pandemic, this documentary is a peek into the minds of Gen Z.


Through judgemental commentary, We Can Too, addresses the unfair treatment

women receive in the world of sport. But the ultimate goal to uplift young women

involved in sport is stronger than ever.



st. elizabeth
catholic high school

Who's Our Culprit.png

who's our culprit

thornlea secondary school


A teen influencer has had enough of hiding her true identity. Instead of posing her normal weekly video, she posts an insightful self monologue video to show others what it truly is like to be an influencer today.


A student vandalizes a classroom beyond repair. Five suspected students are locked in a classroom and are given an hour to admit who was in the wrong. But in this world, it doesn’t matter who did it; it matters who goes down.

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