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monday june 17 

the studios at assembly park

80 interchange way, concord

* please note there's no assigned seating


doors : 6 p.m.
screening: 7 p.m.
student networking event : 9 p.m.

Ad Infinitum.png

ad infinitum

st. elizabeth c.h.s

Growing Up.png

growing up

richmond hill h.s.

The Right Fit.png
Wildest of Academia’s.png

the right fit

alexander mackenzie h.s.

wildest of academia's

alexander mackenzie h.s.

drama, film noir

A young woman goes about her day and finds herself trapped in a time loop.



Struggling in the present, a girl rediscovers her dream through a reflection of her past.



A girl gets ready to go to a party but runs into trouble when finding the right shoe to wear. 


A mockumentary of Planet Earth that unveils the daily struggles of an art major student in their creative habitat. 

Black Cat The Witching Hour.png

black cat: the witching hour

The Perfect Script (In Theory).png

the perfect script
(in theory)

You are Yixuan (no matter if you’re 15, 17, 18 or alien).png

you are yixuan
(no matter if you're 15, 17, 18 or alien)

The Dragon who Lived.png

the dragon who lived

alexander mackenzie h.s.

tommy douglas s.s.


After a long day of work, a witch cat apprentice unluckily stumbles across mischievous forces of magic. 



In a quest to win at the Vaughan Film Festival, a determined director of a group of film students turns to A.I. to craft a short film. 


Gold Star.png

gold star

barrie north collegiate institute

richmond hill h.s.

richmond hill h.s.

john cabot c.s.s.


A student in 2024 takes a time machine to make a short film over an online meeting with themselves. 


A dragon-human named Meilin narrates her journey of finding her purpose in order to fulfill a prophecy. 

The Interrogation.png

the interrogation

father bressani c.h.s.



st. elizabeth c.h.s


Following the tragic loss of his sister, a troubled young man seeks help but is ultimately too distraught to open up. 


A young girl struggles to find confidence after losing an art competition. However, encouragement always seems to come when you least expect it. 


When officer Ken confronts the prime suspect, the suspect exposes a shocking truth that changes the entire course of the investigation. 


Internal struggles of an everyday man who finds himself confined within a bomb-shelter in an ongoing war as he survives, awaiting the uncertain arrival of the rescue. 



toronto district christian


A boy feels disconnected from society thinking about what others say about him. 

Speak to Me.png

speak to me

richmond hill h.s.


A young artist who discovers her own unique way of communicating through the language of art. 

Under the Lake.png

under the lake

john cabot c.s.s.

Observations of the Public.png

observations of the public

st. michael c.s.s.


Ember lives her whole life being able to see a small creature that accompanies her everywhere. When Ember is older and faces some trouble, the creature leads her to a pond that takes her to another world. 

psychological thriller

Maya, a teenage girl, finds herself lost in the habit of observing others. To the dismay of her best friend, Alice, her obsession causes her to relentlessly spend her days documenting the people she sees. But things get colourful when a few out-of-the ordinary people show up. 

I_ll Show You.png
The Absconders of Bluebury.png

i'll show you

holy cross catholic academy

the absconders of bluebury

thornlea s.s.


A girl spirals into obsession
making it as a


action, comedy

Tragedy strikes the day two teens decide to improve their lives by stealing an authority vehicle and abandoning their home lives. 

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