Industry Trailblazers


Bernard Weiser
Supervising Sound Editor
President of EIPMA

Alessandra Piccolo

Executive Director, VFF

Bernard Weiser has worked in motion pictures sound editing for the last 30 years on over 100 feature films. He is president of the Entertainment Industry Professionals Mentoring Alliance (EIPMA), a not-for-profit organization that offers specialized counselling and support to young people aiming to one day have a successful career in the industry. His work as a sound editor has earned him high praise and he has received Primetime Emmy nominations for True Detective, Deadwood, and Ted Lasso.

In her work for VFF, Alessandra consistently placed her own well-being behind the needs of the festival. Every seemingly impossible obstacle that she faced became a simple challenge in need of a solution. Nothing stopped her; she faced the issues and found solutions while considering the comfortability of everyone involved. She knew how to direct us all, not only for the continuing success of this film festival, but more importantly, for a vision of collaboration in a global community of filmmakers.

Tom McCarthy

Oscar Winner/President of MPSE

Tom McCarthy is a sound editor. At the 65th Academy Awards he won Best Sound Editing for Bram Stoker's Dracula. His Oscar was shared with David Stone. His current position is Executive Vice President of Post-Production Facilities at Sony Pictures Studios. In 2016 he was elected as the new President for the Motion Picture Sound Editors.