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Best of the Fest

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Friday, September 10

International 14A

A Girl Like You

Directed by: Massimo Loi

Drama | Italy

Aurora and Alba, inseparable friends, are very different from each other. One lives in compliance, the other one is independent and free. One day Alba convinces Aurora to leave for a journey together, towards a secret and mysterious place.


Directed by: Damon Russell

Suspense | USA

A married couple's bubble of suburban normality is punctured when they find a surprise inside their toddler's teddy bear. What ensues is a tense and crafty thriller that doesn't let a single moment go to waste. Starring Michael Drayer (Mr. Robot, Vinyl) and Phoebe Tonkin (The Originals, The Vampire Diaries)

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Photo 9 L1003502.jpg


Directed by: Morgan Ommer

Experimental | Vietnam

A house on a hill in Northern Vietnam. A man, a dog, and some recent history.


A Real Adventure 

Directed by: Josh Zuckerman

Comedy/Drama | USA

Jack visits his father in prison and struggles to find peace with their strained relationship. In the face of his father's characteristic big scheme ideas and unfounded optimism, Jack might just say the things he's always wanted to say.


Singer Not the Song

Directed by: Joewi Verhoeven

Drama | China

A songwriter discovers that his songs are being played on the radio under the name of a deceased artist.


Apple Of My Eye

Directed by: Josecho de Linares

Drama | Spain

A man visits his grandmother after many years, reliving
the special relationship they once had.

Grandma’s Not a Toaster

Directed by: Andrew Napier

Comedy | USA

Three siblings plot to steal their ailing grandmother's fortune.

A Voice for Change:

The Laura Hillier Story

Directed by: Sarah Gonyea

Documentary | Canada

Laura Hillier's dedication to creating change during the months leading up to her tragic passing inspired a movement that has saved the lives of many.

Photo 3 2s.jpg

Moby Dick

Directed by: Nicola Sorcinelli

Drama | Italy

Two parallel journeys — Bianca's and that of a young illegal immigrant woman — come to literally overlap, seeking an impossible salvation in spite of an almost certain shipwreck.

The Helping Hand

Directed by: Brenden Hubbard

Thriller | USA

A couple turns to a new monitoring technology to handle their newborn child. After years of neglecting their own duties the couple learns a disturbing truth.


Directed by: Giulio Mastromauro

Drama | Italy

Filippo is a retired teacher marked by the pain of losing his wife. He is determined to take his life, but someone knocks at his door.

Minor Key

Directed by: Ivan Sainz-Pardo

Drama | Spain

The moving story about a man locked in a Portuguese Fado.

Made Public

Directed by: Foster Wilson

Comedy | USA

The night before he says,
"I do," Dave's doubts about tying the knot go viral.

Saturday, September 11

International PG-13

The Fish Doctor

Directed by:
Susanna della Sala

Comedy | Italy

Two American producers discover a strange little fish shop and invite the young, quirky owner to their TV show, 'The Weirdest Jobs of the World'.

The Present

Directed by: Jacob Frey

Animation | Germany

Jake spends most of his time playing video games indoors until his mum decides to give him a furry little present.


Directed by: Amy Jo Johnson

Comedy | Canada

A woman's trip to the dermatologist's office makes her question her age and appearance.

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Watch Trailer


One Small Step

Directed by: Bobby Pontillas & Andrew Chesworth
Animation | USA

An ambitious young girl endeavors to realize her aspiration of becoming an astronaut with the support of her humble father.

The Path of Grey Owl

Directed by: Goh Iromoto

Documentary | Canada

Follow world renowned bushcraft expert Ray Mears through the wilderness of the Temagami region, as he explores the path of acclaimed author Grey Owl.

Lost and FOund.jpg

Lost and Found

Directed by: Andrew Goldsmith & Bradley Slabe
Animation | Australia

A bumbling knitted dinosaur must unravel himself to save the love of his life.

Scent of Geranium_edited.jpg

Scent Of Geranium

Directed by:
Naghmeh Farzaneh

Animation | USA

A woman faces new challenges after moving from Iran to America.

Telephone 2nd Draft.00_03_25_06.Still004


Directed by: Muhammad & Samah Safi Bayazid
Comedy | Syrian Arab Republic



Directed by: Lieven Vanhove

Drama | Belgium

A prisoner discovers a forgotten wire just behind
his cell bed. He steals an
old telephone device and starts making random
calls, eventually finding himself falling in love with a travel agent.

Orville is stuck in the house on the cliff; Imme is trying to survive on a rock in the lighthouse in the middle of the roaring waves. He keeps trying to bring her back, but nothing works. Orville’s time is running out while he needs his ultimate solution as quick as possible.

Photo - Luminaris.jpg


Directed by: Juan Zaramella

Animation | Argentina

In a world controlled and timed by light, a man has a plan to change the order
of things.

Dr. Baseball_edited.png

Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball

Directed by: Drew Taylor

Documentary | Canada

Through interviews with former teammates and friends, Ron's two sons uncover the motivation behind his decision to return to school and become a physician after his baseball career.

The Late Bird_edited.jpg

The Late Bird

Directed by: Sascha Vredenburg

Comedy | Germany

A crashed astronaut opens Thea up to the possibility of starting again.

Sunday, September 12

International 18A

Photo 2 Claire_ShortFilm_MASTER_Oct8_2K_


Directed by: Spencer Ryerson

Drama | Canada


Directed by:
N’cee van Heerden

Comedy | Canada

Following a brutal attack, a young woman's seemingly inevitable fate is rudely interrupted by a piece of music she despises.

Barry has a unique problem:
he came up with a truly original idea and is the only one immune to it.

This is Not a Drill

Directed by: Ravi Steve

Comedy | Canada

Two brothers are conflicted as they search for the best way to euthanize their ailing mother.

I Am The Wolf

Directed by: Alexandre Gougeon

Documentary | Canada

With the mentorship of his coach, the passion of his brother, and the strength and sacrifice of his mother, Arthur trains and fights under incredible pressure to honour the opportunities they have given him and become the champion his family and his adopted country need him to be. Starring Chris Johnson (Olympic Bronze Medalist, 1992 Olympics)


Bad Motherf*cker

Directed by: Ilya Naishuller

Action | Russia

An intense, first-person adrenaline rush.

Photo 1 1_Fauve_Olivier.Gossot.jpg


Directed by: Jeremy Comte

Drama | Canada

Set in a surface mine, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer.


Silent Campine

Directed by: Steffen Geypens

Drama | Belgium

A traumatized ex-soldier and his obedient son go hunting every day in order to survive and take care of their mortally ill mother. They are pushed to their limits to the point of no return.

This One's For You, Alice

Directed by: Patrick Hanser

Thriller | Brazil

When Joaquim finds out his recently wed wife is cheating on him, he writes a suicide letter.


Directed by: Matthew Gentile

Drama | USA

Jodie is at the height of his career and about to start the biggest tour of his life. After experiencing symptoms of tinnitus, a doctor informs him that he is inflicting irreversible damage on himself and going deaf.

Black Comedy

Directed by: Luigi Pane

Drama | Italy

A rough and seasoned playwright and his young, bright, and good looking companion are the opposite sides of the same mirror. Through a series of puns and verbal exchanges, their story will break the wall that separates reality from fiction.


Directed by: Shawn Christensen

Drama | USA

At the lowest point of his life, Richie is asked to look after his young niece for a few hours.