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Traci Melchor etalk
Frank Morrone MPSE Emmy Winning Sound Mixer
Sophia Wang 2018 Winning Student Filmmaker
Debby Rossi Greenpark

Traci Melchor
TV Personality, etalk

Frank Morrone
Emmy-Winning Sound Mixer &
Former President of MPSE

Sophia Wang
2018 Winning Student Filmmaker/Scholarship Recipient

Debby Rossi
Executive Assistant to Chairman & CEO, Greenpark Group

I love the Vaughan International Film Festival because not only do they support local talent, they also help further arts education by providing scholarship opportunities for young film makers and art students. It really brings Vaughan to an international stage. The Vaughan International Film Festival is FABULOUS!

I am a big supporter of VFF because I have experienced their world class film festival that provides important venues and opportunities for filmmakers to exhibit their work and get recognition. Their seminars also provide insight into the different crafts that contribute to making the final film. This festival will continue to grow and become an important part of our film culture. The founders are truly passionate about making movies and are dedicated to supporting filmmakers. I attended their awards ceremony and it was one of the best shows I have experienced. It is on par with many of the Hollywood shows I have seen or been a part of.

There's a quote that goes, "the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra"; that's what this festival is. One day Vaughan is going to be "that city with the short film festival" and when it happens, I'll be an adult thinking back to the time I made that great decision of submitting as a student. Between applying to the scholarship program and short film competition, they were with me every step of the way. Their generosity with the scholarship and award is unreal and really helps when tuition is quite expensive. I thank them for the support, and even more for opening my eyes to a whole new level of what film festivals can be.

Greenpark has been a proud supporter of the VFF since day one and in fact we have increased our presence over the years as we have found that the Festival truly speaks to our community in both a unique and powerful sense. We support many causes but the VFF is special to us as it represents the creative spirit within the Vaughan community and showcases it to the film community at large. It is one of the ways in which Vaughan is being put on the map and it is our honour to be a part of this wonderful journey. Overall, the Festival is all about enjoying and celebrating talent and there is no better way to give back to our community.

Charlotte Bornstein Air Canada
Domenic Primucci Pizza Nova
Alx Veliz

Charlotte Bornstein

Air Canada Business Development Specialist

Noorbanu Mohamedali

VFF Volunteer, 4 years

Air Canada is a proud supporter of the Vaughan Film Festival. The tremendous work, time, commitment and passion that Mark and Antonio, along with the rest of the VFF team, put into this festival each year is truly inspiring. This year's elaborate Awards Show was a clear representation of how rapidly the festival continues to grow each year. As seen by the quality of films and filmmakers, in addition to countless supporters of the festival, nationally and internationally, VFF is undoubtedly on its way to becoming a World Class Film Festival. Air Canada is honoured to have had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing initiative and wishes the VFF team the utmost success in its future years.

Volunteering with VFF was an amazing experience. The team was like a family and our meetings were like family meals. I learned so many valuable lessons while being a part of VFF, which I will carry along in my future endeavours and be forever thankful for. If I had the time, I would have definitely stayed on as I truly miss being a part of the organization.

Domenic Primucci

President of Pizza Nova

Alx Veliz
Canadian Musical Artist

Pizza Nova decided to sponsor the Vaughan Film Festival because of the value it brings to the City of Vaughan, and our young hopeful artists. Giving back to our community has always been a top priority for us, so supporting an organization that focuses on community, culture, and education was a natural fit.

The VFF is an outlet for young creatives not only in the film industry but all genres of entertainment to expand their horizons and network with other curators. As an Artist and past participant myself, I have to say that events such as The Vaughan International Film Festival not only showcases undiscovered raw talents to the world but it also sheds light on our beautiful city. I believe if we as a community strive to be forerunners when it pertains to the entertainment sector, events such as VFF are a must.

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