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Student Block


Father Bressani C.H.S.

May 14th | 6:30PM


Bill Crothers S.S.

For the Taking

St. Joan of Arc C.H.S.

Axel Overture

Etobicoke S.F.T.A. 


Tommy Douglas S.S.

Finals Day

Thornhill S.S.

The Pink Lock

Pickering H.S.

The Discovery

St. Edmund Campion S.S.

A Friend to Die For

St. Michael S.S.

Jay's Story

St. Jean de Brebeuf C.H.S.

Break Out

St. Elizabeth C.H.S.

When You Fall in Love

Alexander Mackenzie H.S.


Toronto District C.H.S.

Sincerely Anthony

Etobicoke S.F.T.A. 


Jean Vanier C.H.S.


Block 1

May 14th 7:00PM


Directed By : Muhammad & Samah Safi Bayazid

Comedy | Syrian Arab Republic

A prisoner discovers a forgotten wire just behind his cell bed. He steals an old telephone device and starts making random calls, eventually finding himself falling in love with a travel agent.


Block 2

May 16th 7:00PM

Black Friday

Directed by: Stéphane Moukarzel

Drama | Canada

On Black Friday, a young woman returns to the store where her father worked on Black Friday. In her wanderings, past and present intersect and give us the tragic chronicle of this crazy day.

The Fish Doctor

Long Way Home

Directed by: Susanna della Sala

Comedy | Italy

Two American producers discover a strange little fish shop and invite the young quirky owner to their
TV show, 'The Weirdest Jobs
of the World'.

Directed by: Sándor Gál

Historical Drama | Hungary

Albert is a young private and facing his enemies in the forest. He is far away from all good things, and his only goal is to get back home.

He is Mime

Directed by:  Romanesh Reynoso

Silent Film | Canada

A mime has felt alone his entire life, while a beautiful deaf-mute woman feels lost in the world. They are going to find each other, but they don't know it yet.


Directed by: Michael Mazzuca

Musical | Canada

A lonely man says goodbye to his only friend as a door-to-door saleswoman searches for love.


Directed by: Eric Romero

Mystery | United Kingdom

A young amnesiac woman must piece together her fragmented memories while running from mysterious pursuers.

Mr. Steel

Directed by: Federico Cappabianca

Drama | Italy

Vincenzo is terminally ill and no longer desires to be human in hopes to stop feeling pain. His wife must find sense in madness in order to do the right thing.

Swimming in the Desert

Directed by: Alvaro Ron

Drama | USA

In the drought-stricken town of Agua Dulce, a ten-year-old girl challenges her grandfather to follow a crazy plan and bring the water back to the dry river.

Silent Campine

Directed by: Steffen Geypens

Drama | Belgium

A traumatized ex-soldier and his obedient son go hunting every day in order to survive and take care of their mortally ill mother. They are pushed to their limits to the point of no return.

Saving Santa

Directed by: Keith O'Grady

Drama | Ireland

A little girl is still dealing with her mother's death when she comes across a seemingly destitute man in the street who bears a striking resemblance to Santa Claus.

Truth Serum

Directed by: Dragan Pesikan

Dark Comedy | Serbia

Johnny claims that the Police Inspector gave him some kind of truth serum and cannot lie while being interrogated. 


Directed by: Brendan Hiles

Drama | Canada

A couple tries to figure out what love is and how it does and doesn't change us.

A Real Adventure

Directed by: Josh Zuckerman

Drama/Comedy | USA

Jack visits his father in prison and struggles to find peace with their strained relationship. In the face of his father's characteristic big scheme ideas and unfounded optimism, Jack might just say the things he's always wanted to say.

Moby Dick

Directed by: Nicola Sorcinelli

Drama | Italy

Two parallel journeys, Bianca's and that of a young illegal immigrant woman, come to literally overlap, seeking an impossible salvation in spite of an almost certain shipwreck.

The Monk

Directed by:  Danil Pavlovich Grinkin

Drama | Russia

Ekaterina and her husband arrive at the dwelling of a young healer, hoping for a miracle,
while confronting something
from the past.

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