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Industry Seminar:

Women in Film

We are proud to present this year's Industry Seminar: Women in Film!


Panelists include actress Fatima Ptacek, stuntwoman Tally Rodin, and composer Tori Letzler. Join us for an interactive discussion with some of Hollywood's most talented women, who will be speaking on their experiences in the industry, and offer salient advice to young up and comers.

This exclusive event is for high school students and teachers only.

We look forward to seeing you there as we inspire tomorrow's generation of artists!   


See below for more information on these outstanding women!

Tommy Douglas S.S.

4020 Major Mackenzie Dr

Vaughan, ON

$30/student to attend

Tues, May 14th, 2019

12:30pm - 2:30pm

Fatima Ptacek

Actress &

Voice Actor

Tally Rodin

Stunt Woman &


Tori Letzler

Composer & Vocalist

voice of dora the explorer and actress in oscar-winning film curfew.

stunt woman, credits include arrow, suicide squad, x-men and supergirl.

vocalist, credits include captain marvel, wonder woman, and the crown.

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