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2024 international
film submissions


International category open to independent

filmmakers from all countries and regions.

Early Bird Deadline: Dec 31, 2023
Final Deadline: Jan
31, 2024

Filmmaker Testimontals

"This festival needs to be on the top of everyones submission list. Incredible lineup of shorts, in a nearly packed theater on a MASSIVE screen. To be in a theater that huge, (Cineplex Ultra AVX?) packed for every program tells you how much Vaughan and its community supports this festival and filmmakers. The afterparties after every screening were excellent- connecting with fellow filmmakers, sponsor, patrons- a true networking event without feeling like it was "networking". Everyone I met was so generous and fun. This is a festival that loves filmmakers, and they roll out the red carpet in every capacity. Antonio, Alex and the entire staff did such a great job, it was such an honor to show here. It surpassed my expectations in every way, and I would go every year if I could. Such a fantastic time!" - Sara Oliva (Writer & Actress, Lioness) 

"I can't say enough positive things about my experience with this festival. It was incredibly well organized and promoted. The VFF staff were so amazing to deal with and the awards ceremony absolutely blew me away! The city of Vaughan has a built in community of film lovers that really comes out to support the event - as filmmakers we felt so supported and celebrated. It was a top notch affair from beginning to end - I would highly recommend this festival!!" - Beth Evans (Director, Going Away Party) 

" This is a MUST do if you're looking to submit your film to festivals. The treatment and hospitality the short filmmakers received from the festival staff were some of the most charismatic and heartwarming interactions I've had within a festival setting. I met so many amazing filmmakers during my screening block and was able to networking with many faces afterwards during the afterparty. I was so grateful that this festival was the world premiere of my film! I will definitely be submitting everything I create in the coming years to this one!" - Jared Marino (Director, Benevolent)

"It's a great honor and a source of tremendous pride for my film "Traces" to have won the Best Cinematography Award at the prestigious "Vaughan Int'l Film Festival"! If you have a precious film to share, don't hesitate to submit it to this amazing festival! PS: Their trophies are absolutely magnificent!" - Sébastien Pins (Director, Traces)


"With so many festival options available it’s hard to find the right one to help promote your film. Every film is different and requires different things, but I will say this - VFF is an all round AMAZING festival. They have awesome (and big multiplex venues!), sold out crowds, and best of all they support indie films. The thing I liked most is that the fest is run by real people. Real people who want your indie film to succeed. Highly recommend. Worth the price. They are on my permanent list of festivals to submit to and they should be on yours. Great fest!!!" - Ravi Steve (Director, This Is Not A Drill)

"What a top notch affair! I was only able to fly out one day for the awards ceremony, but it was SO worth it! The event quite seriously rivaled the Oscars! An incredibly well-attended black tie affair including tons of local press, where the filmmakers are treated like royalty. Such an appreciation for filmmaking, celebrated in the best way. I'm raving about this festival to everyone I know!" - Foster Wilson (Director, Made Public)

"The programmers and staff at Vaughan do a terrific job of running a top notch festival. I was fortunate to have my short screened in the 2018 program and I can tell you firsthand, they treat their filmmakers very well. It's a wonderfully friendly film loving community. I certainly will be submitting any future shorts to Vaughan for consideration. Thank you VFF!" - Josh Zuckerman (Director & Actor, A Real Adventure/Actor, MadePublic)

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